3️⃣How to use the outputs!

How to use TMAI's output

-Use this as a starting point (first 5 hours of KW research)!

-2nd step = analyze topics, subtopics, and pages based on your knowledge, instinct, and plan.

-Personally, I like to run SEO reports last.


Here's a quick graphic I drew to illustrate a site structure.

Every shape on this graphic is a post/page/url on your website.

This is just a base rule! Of course you will deviate from it when it is relevant to the user.

The "topics" could be categories on your site, or something similar. They link down to subtopics ("silos").

The "subtopics" are more specific and link up down and sideways.

The "p" stands for "post." These are obviously even more specific topics that link up to the subtopics as well as sideways between them.

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