🥸"I can't log in!"

If you have PREVIOUSLY used Topical Map AI and can't log in...

  1. Triple-check your login email. Note that it COULD be different than your Stripe email. You might check your email inbox for the initial welcome email that we sent out.

  2. If you're 100% certain of your email, email pete@doyouevenblog.com with your email and he'll fix it!

If you are a new customer who just signed up...

  1. First, did you go through the checkout process and pay? There are no free trials to TMAI at this time.

  2. If you paid, you should've been taken to a specific page to create a TMAI account. If you have never seen this page, email pete@doyouevenblog.com! There could've been an error, and We'll create your account.

  3. If you paid and created your TMAI account but are having trouble logging in, email pete@doyouevenblog.com and try to be as specific as possible about what's happening. We'll get you sorted out!

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